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تطبيق هذا بزاف ممل 🙃 يا نخمم بش نحذفه 🙂 وانتم وش رايكم ممل ولا 🤷🏻‍♀️😑😂

هههههههه ولله

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are you in a relationship ?

I don't know why to answer this question. 😛
Or why did this appear in my notifications.
Although, I decided to try this kind of question.
The answer to the question - being single - is the only time you can - be selfish. 🤔
are you in a relationship

..تقلبت ليام و دقيقة تفوت بعوام و تبخرت قاع لحلام غير زنقة رافدة هبالي * . ..وانا في قلبي فيد نحس همي جاي من بعيد... وزمان موجدلي للكيد ياربي كون معايا F l n ..

من انت يا F l n
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How important is it for you to have a lot of money?

Maybe at some point in your life you wished you were rich, and that is of course unless you were born with golden spoons in their mouths as we say! 🤑
Money is definitely a necessity and it provides us with many different things that bring us pleasure and happiness, but there are things and even blessings in our lives that are incalculable and are not valued with money, and you cannot buy them with money .. so we have to appreciate them. 😍
How important is it for you to have a lot of money

What make u special ?

- I respect everyone regardless of age, race, or religion 💚 and I can read people like a book without asking any questions! 😁
Although some people want to be unique, they usually aren't😐
- You may not have a high IQ, but you may be really good at drawing 👍. Do you understand what I mean 👌?
What make u special
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are you more open minded or closed minded?

xHeartbreakGirlx’s Profile PhotoKayla ♡
Excellent point as always Kayla 💚. I'm a lot more open, but it's hard to open up to people we think are closed off, and if someone starts to argue, they'll find I don't have time to listen anymore.🙃
Yes, time is precious and after thinking I have made decisions on some issues.💎
Being open-minded is an ongoing effort, but it is well worth the work.😎
are you more open minded or closed minded

If your spouse set the date to get married on one of your birthdays, would you have a problem with it?

I don't think so, do you know why ? Hahaha, the answer is simple 💝 :
I have no problem, because I haven't celebrated birthdays for much years ,🤔 I think such little things look simple and beautiful and It will be a double delight.😎
If your spouse set the date to get married on one of your birthdays would you


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