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answer your questions or ill kick u


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is that u on the left? do you go by nicky now

Well I wish I have his nose and (natural?) tan

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OMG you went to se namie AND ayu back2back fuck!! and u say a team ayu live? how was it? both concerts how ere they? pls give us 2 seperate reviews for both! in depth as well

YAAAAAAAAAAAAS. Both concerts were REALLY good. Namie's one surpassed my expectations by so much – everything seriously looks so much more orgasmic live. I posted my review of Namie's on JPC / AHS forums, go dig it out yourself LOL. Ayu looked really good too, contrary to recent photos / video footages. I was around the 4th row for that show so she was reaaaally close. I still wish to catch one of her bigger scale arena concerts though. You can check AHS to see what other users said about the show as well; it's just really stripped down and I'm not sure how much more in-depth I can go about it. Maybe you can ask me questions instead and I'll answer them

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What is your favorite thing in your room? PAP!

Just when you thought election season was over #getmeouttahere

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eh ayu fans actually purchased that mini? didn't u feel like it sounded like A-one b-side leftovers?

It felt more like an extension of the album imo. I kinda like it! I'll even admit that Sayonara is my guilty pleasure. (My favourites on the EP are Step by step and Shape of love)

I somehow get the sense you are Singaporean; are you?

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Where is your twitter? I can't find it anymore..

@MeatPao, I never changed it!

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OMFG travis you're going to see Namie on live genic arent you? how fucking lucky! take pics!!

YAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! Will post either on my Twitter or Instagram!! But of course doubt I'll be able to get any during the show itself haha

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are you going to purchase sexxxxxx by ayu?

Omg sorry for the late answer but yes I've already bought it HAHAHAHA ITS A GOOD EP

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did u buy Attack25? DCT new album

No, wasn't a huge fan of the album unfortunately (except maybe the singles)! But I might grab a secondhand copy when I go to Book Off in Japan.

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Do you watch Game of Thrones?

No and yes everyone around me is raving about it!!!! But I'm not done w watching The Office and I can only watch one show at a time!!! (Might start on OITNB after this though)

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What is your favorite Ayumi Hamasaki & Namie Amuro album cover?

ayumi hamasaki: PARTY QUEEN loljk it's A BALLADS

Namie Amuro: Ballada

Lol funny how they're both covers of ballad compilations

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Listen to it and Fly! FLY especially iot's so gOOD it's one of those songs that gets better and better!

I did! Both songs are interesting and can get stuck in my head but they're just not songs I'd voluntarily play on my iPod LOL

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Oh military service is mandatory in Singapore? if you don't mind me asking, what's it like? is it as scary/tough as SK's military training? and how long is it?

Not sure how SK's military training works, but how it works here is we have to serve for about 2 years right after our diploma / pre-university studies. We have about 3 months of basic training before they classify us into different vocations (armed forces / Air Force / navy / civil defence or STH LIKE THAT), and some get sent to be trained as officers, commandos etc. so I guess the toughness depends on what kinda stuff you get selected to do! People who aren't combat fit actually end up doing clerical work in the army for the 2 years haha (we go through a series of medical check ups)

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If yes then what do you think of _genic and will you be seeing her live when she comes to singapore?

Oh shit I just answered half your question in the previous ask lol. DO NOT SHIT ON ME!!!!!!!!! I don't think she's gonna come to Singapore ever again, after the 2012 cancellation fiasco, lol. But I won tickets for the Oct 4 Osaka-jo Hall show and I already booked the flight! Just crossing my fingers that the government doesn't enlist me for national service in the military during that period cos that would suck balls

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Have you listened to _genic?

Yes!!! I really like it but I haven't listened enough to form a solid opinion yet. Photogenic / Golden Touch / Fashionista / Stranger / Space Invader are bae though.

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well 'my names women' was one of the ways I found out I hahah gay I think I was only like 8 or 9 then (wts). even though some jap guys are I hot I love Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro and Utada Hikaru too hahah. for ayumi I collected until evolution and i just had no money sobs

Haha they aren't called gay icons for nuthin ;)

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How would you recommend someone get into Namie Amuro?

I think at this point Namie's discography is too daunting! But I would recommend to start based on your comfortable genres.

Hip-hop / pop / urban: start with PLAY, Then QoHP, then STYLE (This was how I started getting into Namie). Maybe throw in Checkmate! as well
R&B: Start with SWEET 19 BLUES
Thrashy 90s Eurobeat / pop: 181920, Concentration 20
EDM: Start with PAST - FUTURE / FEEL, then _genic or Uncontrolled
A mix of everything: BEST FICTION
The rest: When you feel comfortable to explore, but you won't miss out on anything

For a completely objective Namie recommendation I'd go with the EDM albums first because that's her present direction. Once comfortable then slowly go into the other genres, because I would imagine it'd be chaotic and confusing if someone new to Namie just went ahead and listened to all her different albums.

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do you think the men in Ayumi Hamasaki's MV my name's women are hot?

The only men I'd bang are the unknown caucasians, Shu-ya and Naoto (Naoto is like the perfect man... he was my favourite dancer until he left HAHAHAH!!!) Btw before this question I actually last watched the PV in 2005... I was like, 10. If you asked me then it'd be pretty disturbing HAHAHA!!!

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How did you pass your FMSS interview? Any tips?

Babe I was in FMSA not FMSS

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My life

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I clicked on ur blog link here and read through SO MANY pages. It was entertaining to say the least. I noticed u have many Jpop cd's I actually think ive seen ur blog before when googling jpop cd's lmao. I'm interested in Namie btw. I was wondering what were the 1st press stickers like for play?

Haha thanks man. Really want to go back to updating it but something crops up whenever I think I'd have the time. Unfortunate. You're from Singapore too? For PLAY, they just had small stickers of the police badge (tour logo) and the Amura Golden Eggs thingy

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Let's just say I had to change my pants

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I used the shower rod to douche, im not entirely sure that safe but it's not like what i did next was safe either... i slipped a condom on a banana and attempted to fuk myself with it but it exploded, and the banana ripped from the side. it was a mess dont ever try it...

You nasty g0rl

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They're allowed to date i guess. And Atsushi has wrote/composed many songs to be honest. But everything else I guess fits...

In my opinion, EXILE is an idol group simply cos they are image-driven. The music is merely an outlet. It's so telling –releasing singles with 19 editions, each with one member on the cover, for example. Isn't that roughly the same shit as K-Pop fans having their "bias" in an *idol* group?

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