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Thank you for doing an askfm. The workload of this job seems demanding, and I'm left concerned about the room left to grow in other aspects of life. Has your career choice affected your future goals at all? Example - family, travel, or working toward an authoritative(higher upper) position in MLT.

No. The workload is like any job. I work 40 hours a week and I have regular 8-4pm hours. The only difference is if you work shift work it might be difficult for the first few years to adjust if you're on the midnight shift. I have plenty of vacation and opportunities to travel to conferences. I've already travelled to Chicago, Victoria and now montreal this year.
As for room to grow, there are a variety of opportunities and I'm currently taking courses to help myself grow in my career! Hope that helps.
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Hi, do you think "school name" is important when you look for a job? Some schools in other provinces are shorter than Michener's. I want to finish school asap, so I'm thinking of going to other schools that are less known. Do you think the quality of education would be less? What's your opinion?

I'm not sure what schools are "less known". Most MLT programs are very well known and I only know of 2 other programs that are 2 years even compared to the 2 and a half years at Michener.
In the end, I'm glad I went to Michener because I had a lot of opportunities I would have had at another school.

So I noticed you have a BSc in microbiology, and now you are doing the medical lab tech course at Michener. Is it worth getting the BSc beforehand, or is it okay to just get the college diploma?

I am glad I got my B.Sc first because it really helped me to understand the course material. I would say you don't need a B.Sc but I would recommend taking some university courses to prepare you for the program because it is very heavy.

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I've received a status update stating that my application has been assessed and completed, and that eligible applicants will receive an invitation in early April. Do you know if interviews are still being sent out, or am I out of luck if I haven't heard back by now?

When does it say people will be receiving invitations? I believe I read invitations will be sent out the week of April 15th so that would be Monday. If you receive an invitation an email will be sent to you so I would wait until next week.
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