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Did you have to be a CSMLS member in order to apply for the Leaders of Tomorrow National Congress Grant?

Yes. If you're a student it's pretty cheap, about ~$80 for 2 years or ~$120 for 4 years.

In your experience, how strictly do you think the CSMLS adheres to their "Examination Blueprint?" For example, the competencies say we need to know bacteria and yeast for micro, no mention of parasites or mycology! Yet we spent a lot of time studying them at school!

They stick to the blueprint as they are required... that's why they put it out!

Just read your post about your new job - congrats! How do you find starting your first job as a MLT in such a specialized department where, I assume, you had little exposure to at placement and at school? I graduated two years ago and have been working in general micro at a small hospital, and the d

This question got cut off but thank you! I assume this is because where I work is so specialized. It is quite a bit different and I didn't know how to do anything when I first started but everyone has been great with training me.

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at what age did you start your MLT program? and how long did it take to complete.

It's a 2.5 year program. I graduated when I was 24.

Hi, you are such a great girl. I love your blog. Thank you for sharing. I have one question, will Michener Change their MMI topics every year or not? I just finished, but I am not feeling good. As a second language speaker, I think speaking is a big challenge for me. I think I might try next year.

Thanks! Hopefully you get invited again next year so you can give it another shot. From what I'd think, I don't believe they would use the same questions the next year as they know they get a lot of repeat people and it wouldn't be fair to have the same questions.

Hi, I was wondering if you knew what the job outlook for medical lab technologists are? Also, while you were at Michener, what kind of courses did you take in the medical lab science program?

Job outlook as good. From personal experience I can say most of my class has jobs by now. There are a few who don't because they are in a high demand market (Toronto) but if they were willing to go outside of Toronto even to Oshawa, Peterborough they would easily get something. Of course this is up to a personal decision though.
In hard evidence, the CSMLS published a report that up to 50% of members are looking to retire in the next 5-10 years. I can attest to this that there are very few young people in a lot of labs and there are many retirements coming up in the next few years. With the aging population the amount of work is only going to go up so the job outlook should get even better during that time.
The courses at Michener are already selected for you when you enter the program. I took Clinical Chemistry, Histology, Hematology, Microbiology, Transfusion Medicine, Instrumentation, Anatomy and Interprofessional courses.

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I had a question regarding the CSMLS exam content. Did it include chemistry and calculus? I'm applying to St. Clair and St.Lawrence's Medical lab science programs in addition to Michener but for those schools, I'm exempted from taking chemistry since I already completed chemistry during my BSc.

It includes clinical chemistry but not university-style chemistry. There is absolutely no calculus.
From what I've heard it seems like St.Clair and St.Lawrence try to do a more "classical" approach with pure math and chem courses but it is all blended and focused on clinical laboratory at Michener.

I'm planning on applying to Michener's lab program next year. If I don't get in, I was going to apply to medical lab technician/assistant programs at local community colleges. I was wondering if you knew the difference between medical lab technicians technologists?

Hi yes, I do know the difference as I work as a technologist and it's important to know! I have posted about this before on my blog here: http://medlabmaven.wordpress.com/2013/07/07/what-is-medical-laboratory-science/
A technologist is a regulated profession and you must pass and exam and be registered to work as a a technologist. As a technologist you are authorized to release results as "valid" to the physician. You have to know many different things to make sure the results you are releasing are accurate.
A technician can be anyone. Sometimes you can do a community college program but it is not a requirement as it is not a regulated profession. Technicians are involved with the procurement, or pre-analytical phase of preparing specimens to be run on analyzers or set up. The problem with the Lab Assistant program as they are constantly producing lab assistants in waves, usually 3 or 4 per year meaning huge amounts of people are being pushed through the programs. It's very hard to find work as a lab technician in a lot of cities because of this.

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Does the 2.5 years include summer break and Christmas break? Or is it continuous studying for 2.5 years?

You get Christmas breaks and a summer break between year 1 and 2. After year 2 you do a short summer semester until the end of July before starting Clinical in September so you are only getting 1ish month off! Benefit is you graduate before all the other MLT schools so you get a jump on jobs.

I noticed that you had a BSc before Michener. Were there any courses that you were exempted from? Or did it take the full 2.5 years? I just completed a BSc in Biomedical Science and I'm thinking of applying to Michener's Med lab tech program but I'm worried that the BSc was waste.

I took the full 2.5 and almost everyone else who had a BSc (which was 99% of the class) did as well. You likely won't be exempt from anything except for the Research Course if you have substantial experience in research.

Hello. Here's my question: I am considering making the investment in training myself as a MLT. I already have post secondary education and non medical lab experience. The problem I may face is my age. Can anyone comment on what you see as typical new hires? Do new hires in their early 50s exist?

I can definitely comment on the people in my class. We had a number of women who were Moms in their 30's and 40's. I think employers would be understanding as people do shift around. There is also an expected shortage in the next few years so I imagine the amount of jobs being open would be favourable to them wanting to hire someone.
If becoming a MLT is something you are very passionate about I wouldn't let anything stand in your way. I can tell you there are jobs out there and the women in my class did get hired on at a hospital after! Good luck!

Hey! I have a Bsc from University of Manitoba also! I am currently trying to get into the Clinical Genetics Program at Michnere for the last couple years. I have been trying to find entrance stats on M's programs (ie. GPA of the last class accepted, how many out of province accepted?) Any pointers?

Hi! They don't release those stats but from what I remember the Genetics Program is insanely competitive. Quite a few of my classmates (who are very smart) were waitlisted when they applied so I assume the GPA is over 3.7/4.0. They accept based on 50% GPA/ 50% MMI interview and it doesn't matter what province you are from - the just accept on where you ranked after the GPA/MMI.
Good luck to a fellow U of M grad!

Hi, do you think "school name" is important when you look for a job? Some schools in other provinces are shorter than Michener's. I want to finish school asap, so I'm thinking of going to other schools that are less known. Do you think the quality of education would be less? What's your opinion?

I'm not sure what schools are "less known". Most MLT programs are very well known and I only know of 2 other programs that are 2 years even compared to the 2 and a half years at Michener.
In the end, I'm glad I went to Michener because I had a lot of opportunities I would have had at another school.

So I noticed you have a BSc in microbiology, and now you are doing the medical lab tech course at Michener. Is it worth getting the BSc beforehand, or is it okay to just get the college diploma?

I am glad I got my B.Sc first because it really helped me to understand the course material. I would say you don't need a B.Sc but I would recommend taking some university courses to prepare you for the program because it is very heavy.

How much to you recommend studying for Micro in the summer before year 2?

Sorry, I didn't get an alert I had a new question. But I would study your ID flow charts from year one. You need to know these like the back of your hand for year 2. Also know your antibiotics and antibiotic classes.

What's your favorite clothing brand?

Favourite is J.Crew but it's awfully expensive so I settle for the Gap.

Not a question, but I just wanted to comment and say thank you soo much for your MMI blog posts and this Q&A, they are extremely helpful. I really appreciate it, and I'm sure many others do as well. You are amazing. Thanks!

Thanks! That's very nice!

If I don't get the MMI invitation today, do I have no hope? I know people got the invitation for the same program I applied to. I'm starting to panic, because this thing must be done by the computer, so the invitation thing must appear on every applicant's portal at the same time...

I have no idea. I don't work for Michener so I'm not sure how they do it but it might take a few days (more than just today) because there are so many people that apply. I know I got my invitation on a different day than a few of my classmates.

I've received a status update stating that my application has been assessed and completed, and that eligible applicants will receive an invitation in early April. Do you know if interviews are still being sent out, or am I out of luck if I haven't heard back by now?

When does it say people will be receiving invitations? I believe I read invitations will be sent out the week of April 15th so that would be Monday. If you receive an invitation an email will be sent to you so I would wait until next week.
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Do you have any tips on how to prepare for Michener's MMI?

I will do a new post in a few days for the MMIs this year but please check out my post from last year in the mean time by searching the MMI category.

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