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The Greatest Sporting Extravaganza of the town is back again BIGGER and BOLDER! 🔥
🔱 *The Rotaract Club of Ramnarain Ruia College* 🔱
proudly presents,
*"MEGATHON 3.0"*
This time,
🔸 *Football*
Rtr. Vidhit Dhamankar:- 9920233878
Rtr. Arnav Shah:- 9662338221
🔹 *Box Cricket*
Rtr. Harish Mishra:- 8975114336
Rtr. Hrishikesh Tonge:- 9004597959
🔸 *Volleyball*
Rtr. Manav More:- 9619647013
🔹 *Throwball*
Rtr. Manushree:- 9930845023
Rtr. Vrushti Patel:- 8879918100
🔸 *Basketball*
Rtr. Soumya Aurora:- 8097020180
🔹 *Snooker*
Rtr. Himanshu Gupta:- 9967449717
🔸 *8 ball pool*
Rtr. Sharvil Burkhe:- 9869850955
🔹 *Tug of War*
Rtr. Manjiri Nevrekar:- 9702569012
🔸 *Shot put*
Rtr. Siddhi Aiya:- 9619521245
🔹 *Discus throw*
Rtr. Vedanti Lad:- 9930128501
🔸 *Relay*
Rtr. Medini Ghag:- 8291207845
🔹 *100m dash*
Rtr. Ami Bhansali:- 9769241316
🔸 *Long jump*
Rtr. Mayura Mulay:- 9930037363
🔹 *Swimming*
Rtr. Shivani Chunekar:- 9029085292
Rtr. Shubham:- 9930119746
🔸 *Table tennis*
Rtr. Heina Rawal:- 9769939956
🔹 *Chess*
Rtr. Gauri Ambedkar:- 9920627937
🔸 *Carrom*
Rtr. Sayali Chaudhari:- 9920899829
🔹 *Badminton*
Rtr. Disha Gala:- 9699112000
🔸 *Kho kho*
Rtr. Manoj Kumar:- 7208803029
Rtr. Krutuja:- 9869427196
🔹 *Kabaddi*
Rtr. Chinmay Chorghe:- 9769038149
Rtr. Kshitija:- 9969128803
🔸 *Tennis*
Rtr. Eeshwaree Kudalkar:- 9967838635
Rtr. Vaishnavi Shetye:- 9172499880
🔷 *Marathon: A Run for a Cause.*
Rtr. Prasham Shinde:- 9833556454
✳It reignites on *25th of November TwoK16 till the 1st of December TwoK16!*
🌟 *Win Prizes worth 1,50,000*🌟
▪Rtr. Prasham Shinde: +91983356454
▪Rtr. Himanshu Gupta: +919967449717
▪Rtr. Vidhit Dhamankar:
Kyuki MEGATHON hai bhai, isse bada kuch nahi ! 😎

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PAP your most popular pic on social networks!
This is picture of my photoshoot at the college. I have taken part in Rose day's ROSE QUEEN COMPETITION where the theme is forest love. All I needs is your support and love. All you have to do is like this picture.The deadline is tomorrow so :'D Thank you :)

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Views? Long one yaa

Aarohee Patel
What views manh
You're v cute, pretty and blaaahhhh
common views everytime huh
so yes, you are really a genuine person
like the one I really do enjoy spending time with, not like fake views or something.
honestly, we have some similarities and may be that'd be the reason I adore you so much.
I do like your laugh though hahah
and your dressing,
keep spending more time and making college life fun. ❤

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