Ask @MeditatedMelanin:

Unrelated, but I feel compelled to tell you that you're an absolutely beautiful woman with a sharp mind and vibrant, enamoring soul. I hope God lets our paths cross one day. You keep on prospering in all that you do, and know that while I admire from afar, I'm always within reach.

You are the sweetest for sharing this with me. Thank you so much for thinking so highly of me. Maybe one day you can introduce yourself. But it's lovely to know that I've made such an impression. ☺️

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Its not personal at all, lol. What I ask of its effects on relationships was more geared toward that people who have subconsciously inflated egos, say they have, oh, 20k followers vs 2k following. You don't think that would give a sense of entitlement?

I think that it would, but not towards a relationship. I think that they would feel as if they have the power to promote and that their words carry weight, but I can't see this affecting relationships. You have to be REALLY caught up in this game of Twitter in order to have some online popularity give you entitlement in your actual interpersonal relationships.

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