Was there any circumstance that forced you to lie, and you feel it's rather necessary to do so? Do you think committing a white lie do more harm than good? /2/

There is no such term of white lie , as for me lying will always be dark. It doesnt matter if it is for the sake of anyone bcs lies are lies. Come on guys dont ever deny his/her or even us ourself rights of knowing the truth. It doesnt matter how terrible, bad, heartbraking or frustrating the truth is, just face it even if it is going to be quite hard(or super hard idk), but trust me, we will overcome it in the end. Alright? Come on we need to get up and face all of them bcs it is happened. And no worries guys, seriously wherever u are i will always be there cheering and loving all of you (serious lah? Hahah no la jk, go ♥ yourself la dulu 😂) uhuhuhu
(Em but still emm haaa you know emmm 😂 i didnt say tht i ve never lied in my entire life kan? So yeah kbai) ♥♥♥

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