Hahahahaha you dated CODY WILLIAMS. He is so damn stupid

coming from a Pathetic anon,first off let me tell you something
that guy is my bestfriend not just an ex hes been there for me through everything has done everything for me his personality is great hes smart maybe you just don't know him too well .so before you judge him get to know him hes funny.outgoing and funny. and helps alot when you are down and have a hard time in life and he battles his own battles and i bet you do to don't you? i know because everyone does does it satisfy you to try and bring down someone by saying they aren't smart well let me tell ya it's not gonna make you any smarter grow up get to know him because hes pretty awesome . Greatest bestfriend and only one who stuck by me and my depression .thank you very much... and this year so fuck youuuuu

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