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Likers Get Percent rate-0%- Do I know you? 😅 10%- We don't talk.😏 20%- Ek baar baat hui ae bas.😂 30%- We say hi sometimes.✌ 40%-Nice Profile🎆 50%- Looks🙈 60%-U r..Cute😻 70%- Broda/sis. 💃 80%- Best friend. 😘 90%- I'll do anything for youu. 💕 100%- I'll take a bullet through my chest for u❤️

i will be selective😁

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Like = 1- Hug 😏 ( for nice ones ) 2- Hangout 😛 ( For sweet ones) 3- Date ❤ ( For gorgeous ones ) 4- Dinner 🍴 ( lovely ones ) 5- Wanna know more (with app name) 📲 ( interesting ones ) 6- Friendship 👫 + A follow for the ones you like (plz choose more than one) plz pretty 😍😘

ohkay! only because u said pretty🙈
paint the heart red❤❤

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What is your definition of pure happiness?

My observation is that having more money does not always create greater prosperity in life. There are plenty of people with lots of money who are happy, and there are plenty of unhappy people with lots of money. There are plenty of people with very little money who are not happy, and there are plenty of happy people who have very little money.
Perhaps the connection is between prosperity and happiness rather than between happiness and money.
To me, happiness depends on much more than having enough money. Living an abundant life is really about having happiness and freedom. And so an abundant life is not necessarily about the “quantity of things” I have. It’s probably more about quality of life I live.
You are the only person who can define what a “quality life” means to you. And your definition of a quality life may be different from every other definition you have ever heard on this planet.😊😊
❤love the life u live and live the life you love❤

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Future wife zada hot photographs nah upload Keya karu😤

Arre arre aise kaise nah kare upload! Meri Id hai Mai kuch bhi karu! Aapko aise kaise haq de skte hai hum😊
Aree vaise phle aap apni muh dikhayi Karwa lijiye untick karke. Phir decide karlenge ki Rakshabandhan Aapke Ghar Bana na hai mere..BHAIYA😊

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