Ask @MehroseChaudhry:

Secret message for someone? 🌸

You have a best friend you love ,you can’t imagine life without her.One day, she tells you she’s dating someone.Oooh, exciting!
You guys talk about him all the time. After their date, your BFF dreamily tells you everything happened
After a few days, you realize your BFF has been talking about this dude all.the.time.
Seriously, it’s all she talks about. You’re trying to be supportive, but come on.
You’re hurt, angry and confused. She acts like nothing is wrong, but EVERYTHING is wrong.
I completely understand how you might need toput your relationship first I can’t understand how you can someone completelycut your friends off.But, it happens…!!
You know when they break up she’ll come running back to you.You’re not going to take her back, though
(you totally will)
Until then, you’ll just miss her a lot. :(

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