Ask @Mehulsahu10:


I'm the luckiest and the happiest person in this world to have u......💋😘
U are every thing forr me......❤❤❤❤
U r only cutesst gorgeous sexist girl i have ever seen in my life....😍😍 every time I'm just thinking about you and want to send all of my time with u only because you are the one who knows me, my feelings, emotions and every thing..💋😘❤.... your smile is just fucknnn cuteeee and hottt which kills me every dayy, the way u walk, the way you become angry, the way u hug and the most imp. thing the way u become red🙈🙈😍😍 this all is incredible and killer for me.....😍😘❤ reallyy @guptakhushi1702 u are every thing for be just stay same, keep smiling and stay blessed....❤❤

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1.My best feature?😁 2.Ever stalked me? 3.Any memory regarding me?🤔 4.What do you hate about me?😅 5.Rate me out of 10!😉 6.My 5 best frnd in schl?😘 7.My true lover?💕💋Maazak mai nahi krna hai ye....Mai bhi to dekhu kitna janta hai mujhe tuu....😂

1.cute smile😍💋
3.bohattt haii😘😘
4.kuch nii..😁😁
5.0/10 maazak tha😂😂 10000/10💗
6.Harnoor, Gauri, Alia, bhavya and me😀
7.Tujhe mujhe pta haii...😘💗💋

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Wanna confess anything to someone about something?

Kritarth Sharma
This is for my babe @guptakhushi1702 ♥️🌍
I cannot put in words how I feel about you when I see you walk by😘. These intense feelings will never go away until I can have you in my arms😍, and that you realize that there is only one man for you and it is me😜. Everyday, I hope that you will come into my life and tell me how you feel because what I feel for you exists only inside my heart♥️. You are the only girl that can understand me, and you can only reach it; I give you the key🔑, please unlock♾❤ what you know can be the love you can only dream of. You are beautiful and I can't help but fall for you deeper every day. I can only hope that the day will arrive when you look deep into my eyes😍 and you tell me what I have been waiting to hear: that you love me the same way. I'm thinking of you always.♾♥️🌍

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