Ask @MeinosKaen:

What made you join the GamerGate movement and what made you stay or leave?

I've been here since day 1. A friend showed me a collage of the Gamers are Dead articles. At first I was surprised. Then I investigated and, as a person who's studying marketing, social media, branding and corporate responsibility, the Journos appeared to me right then as some of the stupidest people I've ever seen.
I'm in GamerGate because I want to help. Because of the people. And also out of morbid curiosity. As a studious of the internet and social media, this is a treasure trove.

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whats your opinion on blocking fellow supporters? Good Idea? Bad Idea? Blocking is a personal choice but it also limits who can ReTweet your Tweets. Muting shields you from undesirable opinions & "harassment" , without retarding the sharing of information. Food for Thought- reply or dont- up to u

If you bother me enough to get blocked, it's not because of supporting or not. It's because you're an ass.

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