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If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? PAP!

Umm I'd say bitter fruit but meh. :/ idk

PHOTO CHALLENGE: Take a photo with your grandma,when she grabbing you by your shirt.

Uhh no lol. She'd prob kill me for not paying attention.

what are you planning to do on christmas? ..do you celebrate it ?

Maybe just hot pot with family lol. Gift trading? Idt we do that.

so you've never had a gf wow i think the blame goes to apink :P ..we have 3 things in common now ..i cant cook either :(..have a nice day :) i am my normal self today so no "???" may be later ^_~

I promised myself not to date in hs. What 3? Can't cook, Single?
Alright. :)


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