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What's the best about being a nurse?

I’m not a nurse yet but I can’t wait to become one. Just knowing I can take care of people and be there for them is enough for me. Plus is very cool the things u learn about the body and how later u can apply that knowledge to your future partner or friends whenever they feel sick

Do you have a hair routine? Lovely curls you got there

Nopeee I usually don’t do anything to it bc I’m very lazy haha

Still don't miss you

Who are you lol. Is there a reason why u should even say that to me if u really don’t miss me? I

I miss my ex.. but our last convo was left off in such an insulting way?

Maybe u should start off by apologizing for everything u said?

Always remember it could have been worse :|

Yea after all my ex best friend / ex bf cheated on me with a girl from a game after knowing me for more than 7 years lol

Any people you are grateful of still being there for you?

Yes of course! The few people I have by my side I am very grateful to have. I miss specific people of the past but I’m grateful to have the ones in my present.

Do you regret any of your past relationships?

Yes . I wish I just stayed friends and never decided to date them.. bc it ended up being he just became what he said he would never be

Favorite Ecuadorian food?

Ceviche de camarón 🥰🥰 no ya va , bolones !! Uy es que es súper difícil decidir . I love both ceviche de camarón and bolones

Do you consider yourself a complicated person?

I think Everyone has something that makes them complicated. But yea I would say I have things that could make me not perfect


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