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How do you feel about spoons

Ok I am done with these fucking questions. This happened almost 2 years ago and it was photoshopped. If you don't understand that than you are absolutely insane. I've been through enough I don't need you asking me questions like that. If you don't have the gut to come up to me and say stuff about the spoon than don't talk about it at all. I'm done.

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no I can't, they r just adorable

Ok cool. We'll lets see a picture of them if there so cute cuz I doubt she's better than me.

she's knows him perfectly well and after the stories she's heard he's only a dick to u after what YOU did so I'm pretty sure he will treat her right

Ya sure. Can u stop trying to make me jelous
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Oh tell Robyn she better not be prude and she should be ready to get her heart broken cuz victors a dick. If she doesn't know that than she doesn't know him we'll enough
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