Alright, this is ridiculous. People need to get off anon if they're gonna fucking hate. IT WAS A MISTAKE, and even if it wasn't WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT SHE DOES IN HER OWN TIME.It's none of our buisness anyways, so just fuck off anons. Just ignore them Melissa, ur a great person :) dont forget that.

Thanks! Ik it was a mistake but I don't need all this shit from random people. Thanks for standing up for me. Atleast someone understands. And thanks Ur a great person too:)
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How do you feel about spoons

Ok I am done with these fucking questions. This happened almost 2 years ago and it was photoshopped. If you don't understand that than you are absolutely insane. I've been through enough I don't need you asking me questions like that. If you don't have the gut to come up to me and say stuff about the spoon than don't talk about it at all. I'm done.

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