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Would you rather receive hugs from the front or behind?

Hugs from the front you get to feel all the feels. But there’s something about a guy coming up from behind and hugging ya, getting completely wrapped up in it. Yeah…

Would you rather make out on the couch or against the wall?

Long as he’s laying me back against the couch or sliding me down a wall… does it matter? Works either way 😉

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Why can't the world agree to work together to end wars, poverty, illness, and pollution? Why does everyone focus only on themselves in a rat race world? Why not stand together?

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The world can’t even work together to end Covid. They’re too busy thinking of themselves and what comes first for them. For the world to actually become a better place and actually see a difference, people would have to put others before themselves. I’d have to witness a miracle to see that.
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Write a love letter or receive one?

Receive one. It shows affection the person has for you. I’d love to feel that. To think someone actually took time to write up feelings and express them through words… I don’t know… something kinda special about that.
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What is the first thing you are doing after 31st?

Saying goodbye to the 31 days of January. Saying hello to February. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?

what is something you don't want anyone to know?

My secrets. Some of my wishes. My deep thoughts. Some of my wants. ::shrugs::


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