Ask @MenDrinkinCoffee:

your videos seem to get about 1,000 views a pop which seems pretty good to me but despite the occasional viral hit your fanbase never seems to actually grow. why do you think that is, and is it at all discouraging?

LPs are not very compatible with YouTube's audience's desires. Very little of the audience sits through a whole video, and it's very difficult to justify sharing a video of an LP to friends. Episode Toilet is something you can easily share with someone and have them "get it".
Also, LPs are sorta ubiquitous nowadays so there's more options than ever for folks.
Us not having face cams probably hurts us from reaching a wider "gamer" audience.
Could be we don't commit to doing it full time like other folks. Also, it could be that we're bad. The "us being bad" option might be the most likely one of all, but eh. I'm having more fun than ever doing it so I don't intend on stopping.

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Was wondering where the decision to swear less came from? I think it's a good change and has made you guys funnier but wondering where the decision originated.

I think it was partially in the Golden Compass when Anthony played the game and it seemed a little AVGN-y coupled with the fact that back then I used to listen to podcasts outside near some neighbors and I felt awkward whenever there'd be swearing.

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im pretty sure everyone thought the perfect blend was really good so i dont know what kids youre talking to. stop talking to other peoples kids

Thank you, but I don't really have an idea for what to podcast about and I don't want to do the "random conversation" type of podcasts that some folks create

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Is there any Sonic game that you like, or do you just like the idea of Sonic games?

After playing Sonic Mania, I think the answer would be only the idea. But I am probably gonna get Sonic Mania for PC and finish it for the audience. Otherwise how else will they be able to see the "good" ending?

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