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Whats ur kik?

I don't use kik

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How much do you weight?

Do u find 50 shades of grey addictive?

Not really.

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hi memooxoxoxo

Wth =)) I haven't been called memo since 10 years now ! Anyway hi

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Where do you study?


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What is your kik?


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What's your kik?

What for?

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Why are you ignoring my questions?

Lanh may59ch :P

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Mno wayh else7 =)?


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What is your favorite type of sushi?


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aat cant be ur bro :)

Enty laish za3lana? Yes he is my little bro, w hu 7abebee w kelshai =)) @AatBinTamim 3abood what's wrong with your fans? =))

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So whats your plan for today

Are you happy maryam

Yessss♥ and why wouldn't I be?

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Intresting who's he/she

Intresting question.

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Ente akbr mnn e5tch bkm sna? Y3ni mashallah a7s mashy frg lanh ento close together<3

Not much. Few years only

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What are you doing right now????

Watching a series

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So taken or not


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Just asking nigga

Single or taken ?

LOL. Is that really important?

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