According your statement on Aufar's wall, so you don't believe in the existence of ghost? Why? How about "kesurupan"?

Yes, i do not believe it.
In this case, we will talk about "how can we see ghost?"
we can see ghost because it was our hallucination. How can hallucination happen to us? There are many-many factors of hallucination, i will tell you one.
As we know, plants always do 2 things:
1. Photosynthesis, which needed Carbon Dioxide and spread out Oxygen
2. Respiration. Plants are the same with human, they are also doing respiration (spread out Carbon Dioxide)
In the afternoon, plants do both of those activities. How about in the night? they do respiration without photosynthesis.
In the night time, we fight for Oxygen.
When we near a tree, forest, etc, we can be out of Oxygen. There is no Oxygen except Carbon Dioxide from plants.
When we are out of Oxygen, our brain works improperly. When it works improperly, we are starting to imagine about anything. There is a chance we will imagine ghost.
This is the reason, why we always say "big tree is where a ghost live". We make a relation between big tree and ghost. I think we can saw ghost because we are near a tree, so we are out of Oxygen.
The image of ghost always following the culture. Like in Indonesia, we will see Pocong or Kuntilanak on the tree. In America, we will meet Bloody Marry in the bathroom. So, i do not believe in the existance of ghost.

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