Are you an introvert?

While I prefer to avoid such labels, I tend to be much more introverted than extroverted. I enjoy being around people. But I can go days without talking to anyone and be totally fine with it. I spend most of my time by myself drawing pictures and making music, and I never get bored or lonely. That being said, there is a wide spectrum of human behavior, and to categorize any individual as either introverted or extraverted is to ignore the individual differences that make us all unique. Also, the context in which interacting takes place has a huge impact on behavior. In some environments and around certain people I'm much more talkative and energetic. In other contexts I can feel exceedingly awkward and blush - like, if I'm talking to a cute girl ;) . There is nuance to human psychology. The world isn't black and white. This overly anyalitcal response is probably the ultimate giveaway that I'm an introvert to the core though :P