Have you ever heard of maladaptive daydreaming its a disorder that if you have it you daydream all day ever day and have no desire to be around others because the world In you head is better. This makes yo very creative. Do you have?

I've heard of that. I think most people who create things are required to spend a lot of time in their heads. Like any behavior, in order for it to become a "disorder" it must cause disorder in one's life (or other people's lives). Someone might daydream 8 hours a day and still manage to live a healthy life style if that daydreaming time is balanced with the other aspects of life. Also, many creative ideas arise from aimless daydreaming. I think most people are too obsessed with feeling productive. A little more daydreaming might make us more relaxed and sane. Work for work's sake generates nothing but cultural pollution. I think I'm always fluctuating between trying to navigate reality and daydreaming. Daydreaming is happier.