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Who works with Michael Doven?

Mr. Doven works with a wide range of talent, including his wife Andrea whose advice and support is invaluable in choosing and producing his projects. In addition, Michael employs a team of professionals who are dedicated to producing quality film projects.
Several important stars have also worked with him in the past and as part of his new company, United Pictures Group. Prior to forming United Pictures Group, He was a personal assistant to major actors, and his work with famous actors led to the development of many important relationships with key film figures.
Since its inception, United Pictures Group has been dedicated to promoting actors and actresses of exceptional talent, whether they are well-known or not. However, a name like Tom Sizemore's also lends credence to a project, and this versatile actor was cast for the lead in Durant's Never Closes. Sizemore's performance in this incredible film is certainly one that will be remembered for years to come.

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What types of films does Michael Doven's company produce?

He's company , United Pictures Group, offers film projects that will appeal to a wide range of audiences. Currently, United Pictures Group has one film that has been released, The Squeeze. This film, like another currently in production, Lucky Bastards, is probably best described as a suspense drama with some comedy thrown in to lighten the mood.
United Pictures Group also produces cutting-edge drama. The studio's latest release, currently in post-production, is Durant's Never Closes, a movie about the life of Jack Durant, a notorious Arizona restauranteur who may or may not have been affiliated with the mob. Ascension is also a high-level, action packed thriller that takes place in outer space but also examines relationships back on Earth, while Standoff is an edge-of-the-seat thriller that deals with deep, dark realities about government and its effect on families.
Finally, The Out-of-Town Wedding is a comic look at five friends and their relationships, which may not withstand the strain of visiting a resort for a wedding.

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What films is He currently working on?

Michael's company , United Pictures Group, is currently producing several new projects which are in various stages of completion. Lucky Bastards is the story of four underachieving hustlers who target an exotic car dealer for theft but end up stealing the fabled "Little Bastard" Porsche 550 Spyder once owned by James Dean. When they find out that the car belongs to a ruthless mob boss, the men have only a few hours to ditch the car and get out of town!
In The Out-of-Town Wedding , five friends travel to a resort for different reasons but end up finding out things about themselves and each other that lead to funny and sometimes disastrous consequences.
In Standoff, a mother in Detroit is forced to take drastic measures when her daughter is forcibly removed from her custody. An attorney with attitude takes her side in this suspenseful thriller that examines the role government plays in our lives and how things can quickly go wrong.
Finally, in Ascension, a recently divorced astronaut finds himself in a plasma engine ship fighting to return to earth and confronting his own mortality and beliefs.
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What credentials does He have in the film industry?

Mr. Doven has been working in the film industry for many years, including his initial work as a still photographer and later work as an associate and executive producer. To date, he has worked on such films as The Squeeze, The Last Samurai, Minority Report, Mission Impossible II, Collateral and Vanilla Sky. During his work on these films , he worked extensively in several capacities, including as a pre- and post-production specialist, a script developer and a press tour participant for marketing. He was also a personal assistant to top actors in several movies, including Jerry Maguire, The Firm, A Few Good Men, Far and Away, Interview With A Vampire and also worked on War of the Worlds, Mission Impossible III and Valkyrie.
While he has spent many years in many production roles in various films, which allowed him to gain a great deal of experience, his real value has come from the relationships he has forged. He has become acquainted with many people throughout the film industry and is now working with them on his new company's projects.

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What is Michael Doven's company called?

Doven's new company, United Pictures Group, is an independent film production company that recently released its first feature film, The Squeeze. This movie is about a small-town golf pro who becomes involved with two high-stakes gamblers with deadly consequences. Also due to be released soon is Durant's Never Closes, based on the real-life story of Jack Durant , a notorious womanizer and restauranteur in Phoenix with possible mob connections. These two films launched the illustrious start of United Pictures Group and set the tone for the quality of films still to be produced.
Currently, the company also has several other films in various stages of production. Lucky Bastards, The Out-of-Town Wedding, Standoff and Ascension will be the next projects to be completed by United Pictures Group. The company will be creating and featuring a number of different types of films from various genres including drama, comedy and romance. He's experience in the film industry promises to give his company's projects a new flair among this year's films.

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How can I learn more about Michael Doven's work?

He's website at has a complete list of all of his previous and present film work as well as biographical information about him and his photography. However, there are also other places to find out information about Michael , including a website dedicated solely to his photography as well as his social media accounts.
For complete information about Mr. Doven's photography , visit his photography website at . Here you can find information on Michael's past and present work, including his portfolios, information on his photographic history, video clips and even a blog. You can also find out information on him by following him on Facebook at , Twitter at , and LinkedIn at . You can also view video clips like the one at to learn more about his history and creative work. These sites all have information about Mr. Doven's photography and filmography that will help those who are interested in finding examples of his work learn more.

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What type of photography does Mr. Doven do?

Michael is a professional photographer who has been practicing his craft for nearly 25 years. In that time, he has photographed models, products and all sorts of items for various clients. He has portrayed expensive watches, cars, beach scenes and many other types of photographic situations. It was only natural, perhaps, that Michael's work in photography would lead him into the film industry. From his earliest days, Mr. Doven began working on movie sets and eventually worked his way up to production, becoming an associate producer and eventually an executive producer for various films.
Now, he owns his own production company and is currently making several films. His photography background has served him well in his new venture, allowing him to understand production values from the craftsman's standpoint as well as exercise the creative energy necessary to create a great final product. The quality of his company's films is evidence of his talent.

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How did He become involved in photography?

He knew that he wanted to be a photographer from a very young age. From his earliest efforts at taking photographs, he began to understand how learning everything possible about photography would eventually result in superior pictures. He dedicated himself to learning everything possible about the art of photography and how to be the very best at his craft.
Michael threw himself into the film industry as a natural outgrowth of his photography work. He found himself working in every facet of the film industry, including script development as well as pre-production and post-production of films. He participated in international press tours for marketing and distribution the films in which he was involved, and gained invaluable relationships and insights into how the film industry works.
Eventually, these experiences and relationships would translate into a career in photography and filmmaking that would culminate in the founding of his own production company, United Pictures Group.

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What films has Michael been involved with?

He has been involved in the production of dozens of films, many of them multi-million dollar grossing projects, with some of the nation's top film companies. In the past Doven's 25-year movie industry career has encompassed numerous quality film productions, including: The Last Samurai, Minority Report, Mission Impossible, Collateral, Vanilla Sky, Mission Impossible II, Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, Jerry Maguire, The Firm, A Few Good Men, Far And Away, Interview With A Vampire, War Of The Worlds, Mission Impossible III and Valkyrie. During his work on these movies, He worked extensively on a wide variety of tasks and jobs such as script development, production, press tours and marketing.
By working so extensively with the major studios, Michael was able to take his experience into his new production company, United Pictures Group. Not only has his new company already released one feature-length film, The Squeeze, the company has another in post-production, Durant's Never Closes, as well as several more projects in various stages of production.

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What are His future plans?

A, photographer, producer and filmmaker, has an exciting future planned. Since beginning his new film company, United Pictures Group, Michael and his team have been working non-stop to produce quality films in a wide variety of genres.
In the drama category, United Pictures Group is working to produce several projects, including Standoff, Ascension and Durant's Never Closes. However, there are more projects to come in the future . In fact, United Pictures Group is focused on finding the right scripts to bring true, worthwhile drama to life on the big screen, filling a need that has been missed in the past few years by many of the major film companies.
That does not mean that the company only produces drama, however. The Out-of-Town Wedding is proof that a lighthearted romantic comedy is not out of the question, and several comic projects are on the horizon for United Pictures Group.

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About Michael Doven:

Michael Doven has worked extensively on script development, pre-production, production, post production as well as international press tours for the marketing and distribution phases of these films where he gained invaluable relationships and insights into consistent, extremely successful procedures