What type of photography does Mr. Doven do?

Michael is a professional photographer who has been practicing his craft for nearly 25 years. In that time, he has photographed models, products and all sorts of items for various clients. He has portrayed expensive watches, cars, beach scenes and many other types of photographic situations. It was only natural, perhaps, that Michael's work in photography would lead him into the film industry. From his earliest days, Mr. Doven http://michaeldoven.tumblr.com/ began working on movie sets and eventually worked his way up to production, becoming an associate producer and eventually an executive producer for various films.
Now, he owns his own production company and is currently making several films. His photography https://twitter.com/mdoven background has served him well in his new venture, allowing him to understand production values from the craftsman's standpoint as well as exercise the creative energy necessary to create a great final product. The quality of his company's films is evidence of his talent.

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