What is Michael Doven's company called?

Doven's https://peoplefiles.wordpress.com/michael-doven/ new company, United Pictures Group, is an independent film production company that recently released its first feature film, The Squeeze. This movie is about a small-town golf pro who becomes involved with two high-stakes gamblers with deadly consequences. Also due to be released soon is Durant's Never Closes, based on the real-life story of Jack Durant http://michaeldoven.yelp.com , a notorious womanizer and restauranteur in Phoenix with possible mob connections. These two films launched the illustrious start of United Pictures Group and set the tone for the quality of films still to be produced.
Currently, the company https://www.flickr.com/photos/michaeldoven/ also has several other films in various stages of production. Lucky Bastards, The Out-of-Town Wedding, Standoff and Ascension will be the next projects to be completed by United Pictures Group. The company will be creating and featuring a number of different types of films from various genres including drama, comedy and romance. He's experience in the film industry promises to give his company's projects a new flair among this year's films.

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