What films is He currently working on?

Michael's company http://1michaeldoven.blogspot.com/ , United Pictures Group, is currently producing several new projects which are in various stages of completion. Lucky Bastards is the story of four underachieving hustlers who target an exotic car dealer for theft but end up stealing the fabled "Little Bastard" Porsche 550 Spyder once owned by James Dean. When they find out that the car belongs to a ruthless mob boss, the men have only a few hours to ditch the car and get out of town!
In The Out-of-Town Wedding https://soundcloud.com/michael-doven , five friends travel to a resort for different reasons but end up finding out things about themselves and each other that lead to funny and sometimes disastrous consequences.
In Standoff, a mother in Detroit is forced to take drastic measures when her daughter is forcibly removed from her custody. An attorney with attitude takes her side in this suspenseful thriller that examines the role government plays in our lives and how things can quickly go wrong.
Finally, in Ascension, a recently divorced astronaut finds himself in a plasma engine ship fighting to return to earth and confronting his own mortality and beliefs.
For more information, see http://michaeldoven2015.wix.com/michaeldoven

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