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¿Qué beso te parece más apasionado? ¿El de 'You Rock My World' o el de 'Remember The Time'? Mimos de:

Dancing in the dark.

The record companies make billions while the artist gets a percentage, luckily Michael could write and produce his own music which meant more of a percentage, but the press turned on him, his record company turned on him and some of his fans left his side believing the stories to be true!..

Anonymous you 're right..a lot of people turned on him..'cause he was rich and famous..
Those people who used Michael (and other artists) are disgusting..😒

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Maybe if he said I retire he would have been poor and the press would watch his every move!.. He loved his fans but remember the words he said, all the great performers, such as Sammy Davis Jnr, Jackie Wilson and James Brown had to tour because they would go hungry if they didn't...

Tinker Bell
Could be..the press can be awful sometimes..
I hope he is still alive as you said..
Anyway I don 't think he wood have been poor, 'cause there are and will be generations and generations which like his wonderful music, therefore he is also called "The King of Pop"😊

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Oh no Tink put a 7 instead of a 6 I just like 7s and I was on my mobile fairy mobiles are more touch sensitive lol... Why?!?.. Well because it's a well known fact that the British tabloid press were the meanest to Michael, so what better place than the UK for a huge press spectacle than there!!

Tinker Bell prob😅✋🏻
Well..thats of the press is true..but than why didn t be simply say "I wanna retire" or something like that?
A lot of fans are still today sad for that fact

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Memorials and Eulogies, don't mean that things are true... Just like the great Michael Jackson said. "Just because you read it in the magazines or see it on the TV screens don't make it factual." I believe in Michael... Tink ❤️

Tinker Bell
Well..u 're right;)
I believe in Michael too, but if he died a month later, why didn' t he perform? In London were a lot of fans waiting for that concert..
What do you think about that Tink?:)
Ps: can I ask you where did you hear/see that be died a month later?

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