Ask @MichaelJackson4evaa:

I'm so happy 'coz you have this ask. I love MJ since I was 7 years old. Every second, I'm listening his beutiful music and looking in his beautiful smile and eyes.. I promise that every day I'll try to heal the world and help people how much I can. I hope you will too. Michael, I Love You So Much <3

Such beautiful words!! Of course I 'll try too <3
I' happy to have your support ando those of all the moonwalkers (and not) around the world.
I think Michael would be proud of what u just said!

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I'm saying that Jimmy is not ok...Michael is the most perfect person in the world❤💋

okay..sorry for the missunderstanding😅
I think too he s not okay..and I have no idea why people did and are doing such awful things to him (but also to other rich/famous people)..I mean..Michel is dead and I think he deserves a bit of respect..✋🏻

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