Ask @MichaelJoyTaumaoe:

What's the best way to calm you down?

Do you know what the worst feeling is in regards with losing someone or something important in your life? It's going in messenger or snapchat to message them. Or going to the yard to get something in the back. Or hitting there phone up asking if they're free for coffee. Or looking into the yard when you're leaving for work or anywhere and seeing that
They don't reply
Or run around you
Or answer
Or come to the gate to say goodbye
Cause when we lose someone at times we tell ourselves it's a dream. It's not happening. It's just a bad moment in my imagination
Than reality sinks in. And. It. Actually. Happens.
We lose that special someone. That best friend. Loved one. And it's hard because you can't make new memories with them
But you can cherish the old ones. And know that they'd want you to move on. To get better at life. And to try
This week has been one of the hardest for me this year. For I had to say goodbye to one of my bestfriends forever. I know hes up there waiting for me. I love him unconditionally. His name is Diezel. May he finally rest.

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