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Is Kanye West mentally ill? Like I’m not asking this to ne ableist but damn He is completely unhinged and out of control sorry like wtf hes lost it

He literally does have mental health illnesses? And Kim has said he had stopped taking his medication like he’s supposed to.

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If boobs are just lumps of fat, why are girls like you so shy to talk about yours?

It’s not that I’m shy, I just don’t see the point in talking about my body on the internet😂

Do you have any unspoken rules for a relationship apart from the obvious “No cheating”?. For example, special occasions such as birthdays, Xmas, anniversaries and possibly Valentine’s Day should be acknowledged and some kind of effort to be made for partner.

Just communication is key

Well, people don't shop in grocery stores, the other way they get food is through delivery. Some/most of which is through amazon🤩 Where would you buy food from?

The grocery store💀

Is it true amazon cancelled hundreds of new location openings in 2023 for some reason? but don't worry, we wont starve lol

Idk, ask Amazon? What does Amazon have to do with starving?

I can see the other anon's point about you, which is why I stopped asking. But in case you didn't know, a person being anonymous has no relationship to the truth or falsehood of what they're saying, especially if they explain their thinking. Your focus on "said by anons" is just broken thinking.

Your thoughts are just that, your own thoughts and opinions which are irrelevant✨ and the fact that it’s all said by anons isn’t broken thinking, you’re too much of little bxtches to say it off anon cuz you know people would have heaps of shxt to say about you if you showed your face😂 anons literally don’t phase me, the fact that they’re little pvssy bxtches makes me giggle. That’s what the anonymous feature was made for, pvssy bxtches that can’t own up to their words✨

did you send private facebook messages criticizing our government or the elections, facebook now has a right to sell that information to our /justice department police and you can be put under investigation of the domestic terrorist unit, according to an article. lol.

I did not

What’s your go-to McDonald’s order?

I don’t like anything at McDonald’s except their yogurt parfait which I’m not even sure if they still have

If someone blindfolded himself and started pawing and squeezing at you at random, how long do you think it will be before you have to slap him? Assuming an average big boobed girl will slap in like 4 seconds?

If one day they randomly revealed the sender of every anonymous question asked, would y’all feel content with the things you’ve sent to people? Some food for thought🤔

I said "but you 100% proved you have major difficulties thinking clearly and reasonably. Do you know how you proved that?" What I "think" is about how you proved your difficulties.

Technically what you think is the entire thing, the whole thing is all just your opinion😂

Well since you don't know what I think, how can you know it "doesn't show that at all"? The answer of course, is that you can't, and if you were able to think clearly and reasonably, this would have been obvious to you.

tf do you mean “don’t know what you think” when you literally said what you thought😭😂
Well since you dont know what I think how can you know it doesnt show that at

"That’s not a mistake, that’s a sick choice." Really? In every case? Why don't you take a few minutes to actually think about what you just said.

Doing anything without consent is literally a disgusting CHOICE, not a mistake. You don’t just slip in fall and land in a v*gina and have a hand spasm and gr0pe someone. 100% a choice, not an accident.


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