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Being heartless is really tiring isn't it?

That means u r not heartless. People who is heartless din even realise they are heartless.

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Would you rather have an old phone with fast internet or a new cool phone with super-slow internet?

Whatever with fast internet of coz 😂

guys korang kalo gaduh ngn partner lebih prefer silent treatment or perang mulut

Explain the situation first then kalau dah explain still takleh nak faham, silent treatment je. Cannot silent treatment terus without explanation. Kesian

wishing you all the best in the year to come, may your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors & may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come. May your days be filled with smiles, sunshine, love, and laughter :)) Goodnight! 💌🌸

Ouch so suweeet. Tq n u too 🍀
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Tak faham betul dgn org yg cepat move on ni . Kita punya lah lama nk move on

Kan. Even boss aku ckp muka aku ni mcm takde perasaan tp nak move on dah setahun lebih pun x ckup

Bila bffs kau lepak ramai2 tapi tak ajak kau langsung.

Nak mengamuk tapi sedih at the same time. Terus left group hahahha

What does it mean kalau kita macam dah otw nak move on so macam nampak nama dia dah macam tak suka tapiiii kita still xleh nak delete gambar dia .. xleh nak delete conv lama dengan dia .. still sayang ke tu ?

Ada sikit. Tapi lama2 ok laa tu

I Love You...(whats ur answer) I will like ur answer if u give a good response... hahahah😂😂

I whisper that to my pizza too 😘
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