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What kind of girls/guys do you have a soft spot for? Eg. Long legs/nice smile/dimples/round eyes etc

Well I'm straight so I'll answer the girl's part as per what I find attractive hahaha
Girls: Great hair, perfect smile, nice brows, dimples, great skin and complexion
Guys: Great hair, nice build (not buff but just nice if this makes sense haha), nice smile, dimples, simple but well dressed
(Sorry If i made you wait too long i just saw this)x

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Your type of guy ?

I think i answered a similar question before! I don't really fix myself on a certain type of guy. When it happens, it happens.

How is your year 2 class.

So far its okay, just not how i expected i to be. Havent really got to know everyone personally so im looking forward to that:)

Hi Michel, what do you look for in a partner?

Who are you?? Haha. Smart, funny, loving, sociable, adventurous and loves and supports me for who I really am. :)

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