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Nick Willison
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No problem 💘

Night detective stalker Cupid

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No I meant rainbow eyed girl?

Yes it's still rainbow eyed girl now thank you for interrogating me Cupid

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Is it the same person you answered questions about a while ago?

You caught me, I still like Mr Helm

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So that means you like somebody now?

You tell me detective

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Why'd you delete those questions? 😏

Because they are no longer true ya stalker

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Fav pic?

A guitar playing witch on a bike on a boogie board with a beware gravestone who also plays football and has a hidden knife

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I'm guessing your doing your French homework 😂

Actually I'm doing math

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Is that French? 😂

Oui, je n'aime pas parler espagnol. J'aime parler français.

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Then do your homework while your waiting to get picked up or instead of contemplating life

See that would be smart mais je préfère parler à amis

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You've had basically 5 hours to do your homework then 😂

Well I get picked up at 5 and then I have to shower and eat and contemplate life and the usual things

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What time is tennis?

From 3 to 4:30

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I thought you would be the type of person to finish their homework right away

Well sorry that I have tennis

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Stop stalling Nick

Then you stop making me procrastinate

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I meant to say is your crush in Mr. Helms 😂

Well I mean Mr. Helm is technically in Mr. Helms so yeah

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Is your crush Mr. Helm?

You caught me

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Who is the greatest cook you know? What do they make?

Cook Nicholas, who is the best at microwaving Mac and cheese

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Favorite Christmas song?

Little Saint Nick since it's about me

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What was the worst age you’ve had so far?

What was the best advice you've ever received?

Avoid the clap

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What do you think of makeup?

It keeps me pretty

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Who are your best friends?

Too many and I don't want to narrow down the list

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Only if you believe

I believe but do you believe?

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Thank you black hole! *echoes as the sound fades away into dark nothingness creating a very dramatic take on a very pointless situation*

Jacob Hale

Would sound even echo in a black hole though, that's the real question

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I never thought of it that way... you've enlightened me, thank you.

Don't thank me... Thank my black hole

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