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Is Wikipedia a help or not?

When viewed under the honor system? Yes. But as of right now, There still needs to be checks & balances on both ends of editing a Wikipedia article & using proper information from Wikipedia.
So many histories are coming together on Wikipedia & we are still in the era of some perspectives desiring only a exclusive history.

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Do you believe in love

Yes. Although I believe love isn't the same thing for everyone. Everyone has their own unique take on love. Everyone can love differently.

Should I hide my freckles?

No. Freckles are not contagious & they are not a disease. You shouldn't feel ashamed for have freckles.

Is your Valentine the same as previous year?

I sure hope so otherwise my wifey has some explaining to do. Or at least one of her personalities does.

Why do some students do not continue studies after graduating school?

From their observations of their surroundings, any further education beyond getting a job is more of a cost burden than a benefit.
Now, I am a high school drop out who tries to make a free creative & educational worksheet call "FreePlasticity".
(I need to start making sheet again.)
So my opinions on this don't come from any institute or academic funded research.
The majority of the workforce in the US doesn't really rely on the education taught beyond grade 9. And with automation & computers, it actually reinforce the idea that any education beyond grade 9 is more of a hassle than a benefit in the US.
Before computers, it was the influence of parents & elders that showed how much education will help you later in life. So that means when more parents display a good amount of intelligence but still have shitty jobs, what good is the college education they force onto you?
The snow ball effect of this bad rap is when only good jobs require some sort of college attendance. Meaning that intelligent people given a shitty situation are most likely shunned from further education because of the costs of college tuitions. This also makes good paying jobs easier for those who can afford it and that see college as just another check box to mark off.
The motto of my side project FreePlasticity is "Education succeeds when knowledge is in practice". When someone sees their surroundings as something that doesn't grow from further education, it harms not only themselves but also their community because is cuts out educational influence & job resources that could of been brought into the community. Above all it also broadcasts the self-fullfilling lie that education is a privilege.

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Do you like spicy food?🔥

Yep. Tho I don't feel I need to have every meal to have spice in it. I like spicy food in moderation.
..maybe a little too often than my digestion can handle.

Do men usually prefer younger or older girls

This widely depends on if the guy wants to have some sense of control over the girl(mostly younger or dependent lifestyle) or if he wants to be able to rely on the woman(mostly older & independent lifestyle).
Then there are areas in between these two extremes where both people has set down co-op rules.
Really what it usually comes down to is WHEN in a person's life starts developing expectations & what roles their partner should fill.

Which programming language would you like to learn?

When I'm feeling up to it, i do a couple of programming language lessons on a app called Enki.
Trying to learn some C++, python, & Linux.

As soon as I post something business related on social media I start receiving business related phone calls. Coincidence?? It’s annoying af

Businesses set up keyword searches on social media to track down possible business leads & customers. You change up your vocabulary on most business keywords if you feel this os overwhelming.

What’s your earliest memory?

Waking up at 7:00 in the morning, crawling down from the crib finding my grandparents to ask where mom was(even tho I didn't recall what a mom is or who my grandparents were) at the age of 2 years old.
Best description, my instincts recall the backstory but my newly intigrated consciousness was discovering characters & the wider parts of the mechanics for the first time.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?

"I'm (still/getting) chubby."

Three reasons why we should have a pet?

1)Gentle reminders that you aren't alone.
2)Awareness to take care of another life & empathy to put another life in the same place as one's own.
3)Easier fellowship with others who also take care of pets.

What kind of shows do you like watching?

Comedy, mysteries, sci-fi, slice-of-life anime, near-reality fantasy.

(Guys only) I really like this guy very much, but I started off on the wrong side... we send eachother pictures of our body and he only pays attention to that. I guess my question is.... what can I do to make it more than that? Can a guy change... and if he can what can I do?

From this vague question, this guy sounds like he thinks he can control you.
Ask if you deserve more of his time. If he tries to brush this question off or answers it & doesn't keep his word, he doesn't want to change.
Change often happens when people WANT the change. Especially if they understand change comes with less visceral results. Maybe not the same results & as speedy results, but results that are less harmful & questionable.

How do you get a guy to reply to you faster? ( real answers please)

1)Have a general understanding of their schedule. Guys will often reply when they aren't preoccupied with tasks(jobs, chores,driving,etc..) or games.
2) Unless you are their parent, constant demanding messages can tell the guy you are needy & paranoid. Asking is different from telling for most people(within certain cultures). Asking allows a person to choose.
So, develop the communication between them as being a beneficial & a stimulating choice.(stimulating is not about physical stimulation, it can also be mentally stimulating about the guy's interests & thoughts.)
Avoid being overbearing or demanding & just try be their confidant.
(This only helps if the communication is reciprocal. Meaning the ideas of communication between two people are of the same method & use. Sadly, you'll still find hypocrites who think don't want to practice what they preach.)

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What's the fun in asking anonymous questions?

crystalshannon03’s Profile PhotoNoweirdhos
1) To allow the person receiving the question to develop their own conclusions & motives behind the question. When someone asked a question, a profile identity can lead answers towards the assumption of what the person wants to hear instead of the askee's general ideas of a response.
2) Asking questions anonymously is 20% more likely to receive a answer.
3) When a person asks anonymously, they can ask questions that they wouldn't feel comfortable asking under their identity.


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