Ask @Mikhail_The_Guardian:

Belle: -thinks a bit- Maybe if you can visit my home come spring time and i can give you some fresh jam -smiles- I can use pretty much any fruit.

I will try to visit you ~smiles~

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It’s not bad, just a slightly sore throat due to overworking - Logan

I'm so sorry to hear that but I am positive you'll be ok.

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*Is now permanently blind my eye pupils have been roasted* Mikhail can you help I can't see where I'm going!!

~walks away~ : )

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>:p *takes them off anyways* I am a curious anun

But dear, don't you know curiosity kills? ~a bright, strong, burning and blinding light pops once you take off the bandages~

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TT-TT *gives up* Alright you win *lifts up one more robe in defeat*

~You see a pair of legs bandaged up tightly~ ~tilts head~
You haven't answered me, what are you looking for?

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Belle: -nods- you can pick any flavor you would like and they hadd it tothe shaved ice. It is really yummy during the spring and summer time

I never had that before. If I ever do have the opportunity to taste it, I shall take it.

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