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Why do certain people create drama/problems with others?

I don't know, I think some people just like to be horrible tbh :/

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What is the scariest movie you can think of that DOES NOT rely on jump-scares or gore?

AdcroAsh’s Profile PhotoAdcro
I genuinely am lost here, if it's not because of my bad memory or lack of seeing specific films then it's because all of the horror movies I've seen seem to rely on one or the other.

If you could suddenly become fluent in any language which would you choose and why?

German because I like how it sounds etc :P

Why do furries apparently have no shame (2 lewd acts resulting in event cancellations in a week)

FezzFox’s Profile PhotoFezzFox
It's not just furries, in every group of people this kind of thing happens. Plenty of groups of "average/non fur" people do stuff like this. Football fans, parties, drunk lads on a night out getting kicked out etc.

Do you have a faith/are you religious? What are your core beliefs?

I am an atheist, I don't believe in god, the potential existance of a god or any religious beliefs at all.

Do you think that artists should charge hourly, or a fixed rate?

I think it entirely depends on the artist and how they personally choose to charge people etc. I don't really mind either way as long as pricing is obvious and I actually know what I am paying right away.

Pokemon: What do you think of the new Zygarde formes?

Never heard of them and I am a fan of the Pokemon games at least xD

What do you think about eating insects in order to sustain the meat industry?

Not for me personally. I mean just the thought is enough to put me off eating it. I'm not much of a meat eater anyway, most of the meat I eat is processed lol!

What is your native language? Can you speak more than one?

My native language is English. I can't speak any amount of another language worth noting really.

It's TMITuesday, how do you know you've had too much Internet?

FezzFox’s Profile PhotoFezzFox
You can never have too much internet. Wait actually...you can, but only when you're reading or watching or whatevering something and thinking "I don't want to live on this planet any more" because of said thing XD
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