Ask @MillennialWoes:

What are your views on dating/reproducing with other White Europeans? E.g. British man/Ukrainian woman, or a British woman/Spanish man. Some WNs/Alt-Right people view it as little less destructive than full on race mixing. Apologies if this has been asked.

I think it's not ideal, but also not inherently serious enough to worry about. What really matters is your own personal feelings on it. To some people it will matter a lot more than to other people.

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I want to start a UK orientated polemical blog/university newsletter and I like the blitzkrieg style of DS. Do you think it is possible for such a publication to legally operate here and grow?

No. The hate speech laws would have you constantly either in jail, or in court, or preparing to be in court. All of your time would be consumed with defending yourself legally. While you did that, they would be making sure that you were unemployable for the rest of your life.

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