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I am trying to convert an art student ex communist at the moment, she listens to me and takes my points well. I think its like that with a lot of women, but i'm coming into the trouble of the natural compassion of women and her empathy towards all human life. any suggestions on how to move forward?

fenrir accentua
Perhaps make her understand the end-game of all of this, which will see her people degraded, raped, oppressed, robbed and ultimately killed. Maybe show her some of the things that are going on in South Africa right now. But give her time. If you push too quickly too fast you might find that she shuts down on you completely. Plant the seeds so that she starts noticing things herself and her own mind will do the rest. Ideally you want her to be coming to you with thoughts and questions, and you will answer them gently.

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Tara hasn't uploaded a video in many months. Have you heard from her? Is she OK? Is she coming back?

She was on Twitter recently (her account is @TaraMcCarthy444) giving great answers in a debate I was in with Roaming Millennial and her followers. I see that she has decided to leave Twitter for a bit for a digital detox, so I don't know when she'll be back, but I'll sure she'll not be away for long. She is too clever and has too much to say.

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I see, about the West "winning" the Cold War I want to clarify it's not my idea but the narrative that conservatives use to give themselves credibility.

Paul William
Fair enough. It's what they might tell themselves but it's still total nonsense. It doesn't take into account that Communism can also conquer via cultural means (or the back door) as well as economically. The "conservatives" have stood by and watched the ideological enemies of the West win the culture war, with battle after battle being ceded needlessly.

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+1 answer in: “Would you reckon that what is holding back conservatives is that they believe the west "won" the Cold War ? This supposed victory gives them hubris to ignore identity and remain stuck in lifeless discussions about economics.”

Would you reckon that what is holding back conservatives is that they believe the west "won" the Cold War ? This supposed victory gives them hubris to ignore identity and remain stuck in lifeless discussions about economics.

Paul William
The only thing that conservatives care about conserving these days is their personal wealth and their social standing, which both depend upon them not questioning the shibboleths of equality upon which 21st century British society is based.
I don't see the Cold War as being relevant. The processes that were destroying social norms and silencing conservative voices in the public space were already in place by the height of the Cold War. I would also ask you to question your idea about the Cold War being "won" by the West, especially if you compare the current health of Eastern European nations to their Western counterparts.

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While on your speaking tour through Sweden, Finland, and Germany did you get much of a change to speak to Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson face to face very much? Or are you busy working all the time?

Yes, I've had the chance to have many face-to-face conversations with other participants at the conferences I've attended which, as you can imagine, is always enjoyable. I think that it goes without saying that for the sake of discretion I would never reveal details of these interactions.

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When it comes to the consequences of race-mixing, what is the most harmful miscegenated pairing ?

Paul William
It particularly pains me to see a Nordic woman with a Sub-Saharan African. Given the preciousness of European wombs as a proportion of the global population, a white woman miscegenating and throwing thousands of years of genetic heritage down the toilet is particularly destructive. Traditionally, a woman's womb was seen as the most precious part of the tribe's patrimony, whereas men miscegenating was seen as infiltrating another tribe's bloodline, a victory if anything. Traditionally a woman would only miscegenate if she was abducted and raped by an enemy tribe, the result of the men of her own tribe being too weak to protect her from sexual rivals. As a result, the sight of a white woman with a man from another tribe has a demoralising effect on a level so profound that the white man may not even be consciously aware of it, because it is a primitive visual symbol that his own tribe has been overcome by stronger men. This is the prime reason that the media bombards us with images of white women and black men, because our enemies know these facts.

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Do you think the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a hoax? Seems rather prophetic for a hoax.

I think it is a hoax if for nothing else than the fact that I don't think any "Learned Elders" would be stupid enough to put down all their thoughts in writing like that, for their enemies to conveniently find and publish in a book.

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I don't want to downplay the importance of the Jewish Question, but is there a reason why more in the Alt-Right aren't addressing the Chinese Question when it's arguably just as clear and present an issue? (Especially in Canada and NZ)

Brett the Hitman
I think it is addressed, in the sense that they are a non-White group which as such has no place in White societies. While the Chinese do not prey on Whites with violence or rape, as the Africans or MENA groups, they work tightly as an impenetrable ethnic group to steadily drain economic resources from the host society to their own group, where it never leaves, impoverishing the host nation. Their behaviour is documented in Macdonald's A People Who Shall Dwell Alone.

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