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I find myself crying a lot, not even necessarily at "sad" things. for example when i see music live i find myself crying in awe even when the music is not directly emotionally driven, it just sounds terrific. what does this say about my masculinity?

fenrir accentua
It says that your masculinity has not clouded your openness to the beauty of life. That might be because you have a deficit of masculinity, or it might not be.

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I am an Alt-Right white woman who is always striving to become the best I can be. Besides getting married in the future and procreating, I want to be able to do more for White Nationalism and the Alt-Right but do not know what to do and where to start. What do you suggest?

Have lots of white babies! And support nationalist efforts - if not openly, then privately. And spread the word!

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My friend's sister is dating an Indian ever since moving to London. She is blonde, blue eyed and beautiful. It makes me cross, I can't tell my friend because he is a liberal. How can I get over seeing interracial relationships, I see it everywhere and it makes me angry and sad. Thank you, William.

Some people are just lost, and are going to be lost from the white genepool. We have plenty of our own. Let these people go.

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What do you think is the prime purpose of Islamic terror attacks in the West? Is it purely religious, or are there long term strategic goals? Peter Plowart

Each attack is not tactical, but they are, collectively, strategic. The strategy is subconsciously followed, and it is to progressively chip away at our sense of sovereignty, sap our morale, and break us psychologically.

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My mother recently reacted with fury at my suggestion of starting a youtube channel (not even necessarily alt right, more counter-jihad stuff). How does one cope with losing friends/family over one's openly shared political opinions?

Protect your relationships with your parents. It is very, very important that they understand that you are not a bad person. Society will encourage them to think that - at least in some capacity. You don't want your mother to think that she made some terrible mistake in how she raised you. Of course you have to out-grow your parents, and you might have to do things of which they don't approve. Just try to make sure that you won't regret that. Put effort into helping your parents understand your views. And, perhaps, delay your activism for a while, to give them a chance to adapt.

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If it were Jews who attacked you in the newspapers you would've made it all about them being Jewish, but when it's whites it's irrelevant!

Hmmm... that is interesting. I think the difference is that Jews are a tiny minority among the population in Britain, and much more homogenous than the gentile population, and they have far more singular (or at least, ethno-specific) interests than the gentile population, therefore I would assume their ethnicity/religion had some role, probably a very decisive role, in their attacking me. By contrast, with the gentiles, we're talking about a much bigger and multifarious population with all sorts of different factions, motivations and interests, so pinning their behaviour on their ethnicity/religion would be (I believe) somewhat irrational.

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