Ask @MillennialWoes:

Woes I have a hypothetical that I think serves as a potent critique of your views. Imagine you're sitting at your home, in the ethnostate, with two kids and a wife. White only home. Then a black teleports in and kills your kids with a laser beam. What will you do? Deport him? He'll just teleport!

Damn it!

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Do you have any predictions for the 2021 British Census? The ethnic demographics of every British town & city were released in 2001 and 2011, with predictably large declines of "White British" [census category] in most places, e.g. London, Leicester, Slough and Luton are now majority non-WB.

My only prediction is that it will be worse, everywhere.

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What are your thoughts on the few anomalous chosenites who are pro-white? People like Frame Game Radio and Paul Gottfried. Trustworthy? I know Jews probably can't really be "alt-right" but do you think they can cooperate with the alt-right somehow?

Probably. It very much depends on the individual concerned.

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300 characters is not enough. Is it possible to write something longer somewehere else? I consider you one of the strongest thinkers and philosophers in the alt right. The matter is about race mixing on a personal level. I know you have a busy life, but I would be grateful.I will donate to you later

Erlend Christiansen
You can email me at

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Well done with milleniyule, please take a few days off . Atb Si

si borg
Oh, I have to do the "2017 in Review" video, and then a few more! THEN I can take a break...

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