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Tbh; I actually miss you so much I haven't seem you in like a year, you were one of my bestfriends at PC and you're really sweet and funny and I love your eyes :) see me soon

taylormcrobbie’s Profile Phototaylor
thanks, i miss you too ♥

thoughts on CG3

COLIN. THATS MY QUARTER BACK. hes the best qb in world and hes a baller. such a good guy. really funny and hardworking. Love him to death and ill always have his back. Hes one of my good friends and that probably wont change. We've so many funny times and good jokes. He really did a great job in football and he'll go far, im preatty sure he surpassed all of our expectations. He's a legend.
thoughts on CG3

thoughts on me gay lord <3

emmaagould’s Profile Photoemma gould
you love greg, lets face it ;) we have lunch all the time now. you're really beautiful and i love being with you. you're really nice, funny and manipulative. i love you <3
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tbh milosh you're one of my pretty good friends and you're one of the biggest guys that are very athletic that I know, you're a real good friend and thanks for the wonderful football season!

datspandalicioussss’s Profile PhotoMalachi Houk
Thanks bud! you did great in football! im looling forward to playing basketball with ya :)
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tbh youre in the futy gang and youre cute and such a sick guy and any girl would be lucky to have you legit youre such a sick and nice kid ily man

Thanks man, means alot! Ily too :)

thoughts on mike gray?

dont talk to him much but i saw him at the football camp for huron. i know hes preatty good at football and hes probably gunna start if he plays for huron next year.
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thoughts on me

you're so nice, we talked abit today and you're adoarable :) we should talk more and have lunch soon :)


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