Ask @Miluda:

To what extent would you consider something a spoiler?

Probably anything past the first few episodes or something! I dunno. I usually like spoilers and sometimes they make me play / watch whatever the series.

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In five years; where do you want to be and what do you want to be doing?

Hampus Andersson
In five years I want to have surprised myself somehow by doing something awesome and I want to be where I want to be living! I want to continue being happy!

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Favourite KanKore ship of each class?

BB - Kongou class (Especially Hiei)
BBV - Hyuuga
CV - Kaga
CVL - Ryuujou
AV - Chitose
AS - Taigei
LHA/AVG - Akitsumaru
CA - Kinugasa
CAV - Mogami or Suzuya
CL - Sendai class / Agano class
CLT - Kiso
DD - Oboro
AR - Akashi
SS - Maruyu
SSV - I401

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Do you find yourself thinking more about your past, present or future?

OXFORD COMMA uh well i think about all three but the past keeps me going!

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What is your gender? I've always been curious, but didn't want to explicitly assume something...

People wonder about this!? Actually, it's publicly written on some of my profiles, I just assume most people don't really care about something like that.

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Any tips on saving money while living in Japan?

Don't eat out everyday and don't buy figs, you don't have space to put them especially in a Tokyo apartment.

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