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Mil, mil, or MIL may refer to:
1 Organizations
2 People
3 Places
4 Units of measurement
5 Other uses
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Machine Intelligence Laboratory, a group at the University of Florida
Mapuche International Link, an organization which campaigns on behalf of the Mapuche people
Marine Industries Limited, a Canadian shipbuilder
Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, a U.K.-based body serving professional linguists worldwide
Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, a Soviet/Russian helicopter manufacturer named after Mikhail Mil
.mil, the top-level Internet domain of the U.S. military
Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación, a Catalan anti-Francoist group from 1971 to 1973
Mikhail Mil, a founder of the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant
Míl Espáine, ancestor to the Irish in Irish mythology
Miluda, some American who lives in Tokyo and is totally obsessed with fictional women.
Mil, Azerbaijan, a municipality in Beylagan Rayon
Mil, Markazi, a village in Markazi Province, Iran
Mil, Semnan, a village in Semnan Province, Iran
Milan, in Italy (IATA city code)
Mill Hill Broadway railway station, England; National Rail station code
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Milwaukee Brewers baseball franchise in the MLB
Milwaukee Bucks basketball franchise in the National Basketball Association
Units of measurement
Mil, a thousandth of an inch
Millimetre and Millilitre, both often colloquially referred to as "mils", primarily in spoken language
Norwegian/Swedish mil, 10 kilometres, 10 000 metres
angular mil
square mil
circular mil
Hong Kong dollar
Maltese lira
Mill (currency)
Palestinian pound
Milli, a prefix in the SI or International System of Units, meaning one thousandth based from Latin
Other uses
Mother-in-law suite
Malfunction Indicator Lamp, in modern automobiles
Media Integration Layer, the compositing engine used by Desktop Window Manager and Windows Presentation Foundation
Million, the number
Miltenberg (district), Code used on German vehicle registration plates
Module interconnection language, a language used for programming in the large (Software engineering)
MIL-STD and MIL-SPEC, the United States Military Standard
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