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Thoughts on mosque shooting in New Zealand? Staif

It was a very stupid act done by that person . Muslims don't wanna spread hater . No one can kill that person who never did anything wrong with anyone .
The Muslims that were martyred there were sent to Heaven and Many people switched their religion to Islam . So, everyone should know that Muslim isn't scared of anyone and no one can remove Islam from this world .

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Suna hai log aap ko ankh bhar kai dekhtain haiπŸ’• #staif

Suna hay log ouse ankh bhar ke dekhte han
So ous ke sher mein kuch din ther ke dekhte han
Suna hay rabt hay ous ko kharab halon se
So apne app ko barbad kar ke dekhte han
Suna hay ous ko bhi hay sher o shairi se shaghaf
So hum bhi mojze apne hunar ke dekhte han
Suna hay bole yoa baton se phool jharte han
Yeh baat hay toa chalo baat kar ke dekhte han
Suna hay raat ko ouse chand takta rahta hay
Sitare bam e falak se utar ke dekhte han

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