Ask @Minnie_Mouse18:

Describe yourself 🙄😂

muhammadabuzar1’s Profile Photo• Muhammad Abuzar •
okaaay I'll try to do it :D
Soo 😁
1.My name is Sevilya and I'm 19 years old
2. I live in Russia and I study in Turkey
3. I love music 🎵 Music is my life
I think I can't live without music 😍🎵
4. In my free time I always try to sing songs, play the piano and dance ☺
5. Also I have another hobby - languages. 😻 I like to learn foreign languages because I want to communicate with people all around the world 🌍
6. I love my parents so so much ❤ and also I love my friends and relatives
And I think it's enough 😂
I want to contact my followers: Describe yourself too 🤗 I want to know you better 😊

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