What do you think, in which movie perfect romantic relationships exist?

Thom says: 'The Girl on the Bridge' has it all - fate, chance, contortionists and knife throwing. Beautifully shot, the film highlights its stars' imperfections, turning them into things of great beauty - the gap in Vanessa Paradis' teeth, Daniel Auteuil's heroic nose. And there's truly something for everyone. As our Lara Alonso says, "I'm not sure if my ideal is to have knives thrown at me by Daniel Auteuil OR I want to be the person to throw knives at Vanessa Paradis, but I guess that's bisexual culture..."
Eli says: Doc and Marty. I watched 'Back to the Future 2' last night, and despite Marty's drifting, occasional interest in Jennifer (on the same level, it seems, as Doc's affection for his dog, Einstein), the true love story of BTTF is between Doc and Marty. They'll do anything for each other, they understand each other perfectly, they work together intimately in 1985, 2015, bad 1985 AND 1955, and when Doc appears to die in a flash of lightning near the end of the film, Marty is utterly devastated. Don't say it's a daddy figure thing because the film already teased us with that twenty minutes prior, with the murder of George McFly at the hands of Biff 'Trump' Tannen in bad 1985. No film does this twice. Oh no. Make no mistake –Marty and Doc is a romance all the way. Their loyalty, dedication and total massive fucking excitement when they see each other – as well as their commitment to adventure –makes them a perfect pair.