What do you think, in which movie perfect romantic relationships exist?

Thom says: 'The Girl on the Bridge' has it all - fate, chance, contortionists and knife throwing. Beautifully shot, the film highlights its stars' imperfections, turning them into things of great beauty - the gap in Vanessa Paradis' teeth, Daniel Auteuil's heroic nose. And there's truly something for everyone. As our Lara Alonso says, "I'm not sure if my ideal is to have knives thrown at me by Daniel Auteuil OR I want to be the person to throw knives at Vanessa Paradis, but I guess that's bisexual culture..."
Eli says: Doc and Marty. I watched 'Back to the Future 2' last night, and despite Marty's drifting, occasional interest in Jennifer (on the same level, it seems, as Doc's affection for his dog, Einstein), the true love story of BTTF is between Doc and Marty. They'll do anything for each other, they understand each other perfectly, they work together intimately in 1985, 2015, bad 1985 AND 1955, and when Doc appears to die in a flash of lightning near the end of the film, Marty is utterly devastated. Don't say it's a daddy figure thing because the film already teased us with that twenty minutes prior, with the murder of George McFly at the hands of Biff 'Trump' Tannen in bad 1985. No film does this twice. Oh no. Make no mistake –Marty and Doc is a romance all the way. Their loyalty, dedication and total massive fucking excitement when they see each other – as well as their commitment to adventure –makes them a perfect pair.

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i still haven't given my partner her valentine's card - can you think of something clever/witty/romantic for me to say?

Well, I picked three ? tarot ?cards to help answer this question because it's 5pm, and as we all know, 5pm is tarot o'clock. I mean, you could just say something basic but spot-hitting like i love u or yr the best or hey sexy or whatnot, but the tarot says! the tarot SAYS!! the tarot saaaays...
...first, Queen of Swords. Okay, so the QoS is a grown-up; smart, perceptive, big on clarity, lack of bullshit, thoughtful, witty and intelligent. The QoS would probably need something a little mushy and dreamy to take her away from any intellectual or pragmatic remnants swishing around in her mind today and instead get back (with you) onto a more swoony, romantic level for your valentine's evening.
...second, the Queen of Wands! Two queens! She truly rules, your mysterious woman, whoever she is. So – the QoW does not fuck about. Wands are all about energy and activity and being bold, and the QoW knows exactly what she wants and how to get it; and she knows she can seduce you. You could say something here to show that *you* know that, and that you LIKE it. Aw yeah ?
...and finally, the Three of Coins! Quel card! The threes are about the foundations for building something –like building a life –and the three of coins in particular is about building in collaboration, and doing that in order to create something permanent and lasting. It's about potential, and plans, and finding the right collaborators to create something wonderful. What does this mean for a Valentine's Day card? It means you have to say something cheesy about how much you like being together and are looking forward to more & more of it. Sorry dude. It's a cheesy card, stable and earnest and happy. Gaaahhh! Taroooot! ?

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Do statues make good dates?

As Pygmalion shows us, they can, but you really have to put a lot of work in at the start.
Lots of discourse around relationships expects us (women, especially), to expend emotional energy carving something presentable out of an inchoate mass of raw material. Why not look for something more fully formed, and forge something mutually beneficial and renewing, rather than dragging someone up to your level?

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I feel like there is weird tension in air. Am I overly sensitive? Are there any ointments or unction rites that could set me free?

I recently had a situation where I felt like I was being gaslighted, but also began to doubt myself, wondering if i was just the sort of person who felt like i was being gaslighted when i wasn't. I explained this to a friend, who reassured me that if a situation was making me uncomfortable or unhappy, then it was wrong, whether I could exactly define why or not. So, the moral of the story is, if you feel a weird tension, then there is one, and it's not just you being sensitive. As for ointments and rites, I recommend a) talking to people about what you're feeling, b) having a big cry, c) antiseptic E45 cream

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Do you easily fall in love

Well, do you, question asker? What does falling in love mean to you? Does it mean someone who you just have a crush on because they are sexy af, or does it mean something else –like, someone with whom you feel an inexplicable but definite connection, a sort of subterranean mutual recognition, a sense that you both understand each other in a way that feels rare and different? Because then to actually 'fall in love' with that person not only requires finding someone about whom you feel that, it also asks that you both have the vulnerability to *let yourselves* feel it. That's a lot, because it has the potential to go wrong, and for someone to get hurt.
Crushes are the easiest thing in the world. You're not really risking shit. Actual falling in love – letting down your boundaries and being that vulnerable with someone else? As a lot of us probably know – not so easy. Worth it, though.

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Why do I feel sad after wanking

It's better than crying while you wank. I guess the obvious answer is that on some level you feel a sense of shame –shame maybe at being alone, or if you were brought up with the idea that wanking is kind of bad and gross, shame at wanting so much to do it, and shame possibly because you feel that you're wanking while you couldn't be fucking, and in the hierarchy of 'what is best?', the general consensus is that wanking is for the sad and lonely, whilst fucking is for those living their best life.
But you need to ignore all that and enjoy yourself. Wanking shouldn't be a reminder of emptiness and a cue for shame, it should be a reminder of how sexy things in the world are and how turned on they make you feel, and how good that feels. It should be about being IN your body and being in your fantasies, and how awesome it is that your mind and body are able to do these things, just so that you can feel really, really good. Ultimately, the only reason to keep on letting yourself feel sad after wanking is if it turns you on. Otherwise stop doing that and let yourself enjoy the things that do.

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When we post thirst traps, is it not really ourselves who have become trapped?

E: In one sense, yes – the need for external attention, approval, affirmation and validation suggests that you might have a sadness or emptiness inside that you need to take a gentle, non-judgmental look at. But doing so would almost certainly be painful, and so it's easier just to post another flattering pic of yourself and watch the likes come in, and get that external validation that works as a quick fix. Sooner or later the deeper stuff needs to be dealt with, though.
That said, what's wrong with exhibiting your gorgeousness? And also, time-loop thirst traps are the fucking best. Recently one of our friends was told to take pictures of her boobs in all their pert pre-breastfeeding majesty now so guess who could feast on their magnificence? so SHE COULD, when she was, like, eighty. Genius.
T: Well, I feel very seen by Eli's answer, as my whole life is essentially a thirst trap, and I resent the implication that i'm 'empty inside'. That said, I do feel a certain weltschmerz at times. As Debord almost said, 'the spectacle of presenting sex has supplanted its fulfillment', leaving a hollow void beneath the surface. Time to log off instagram

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how does one approach a minorlits ed for sex

1) get the hell off twitter
2) make sure you know no-one in publishing and have nothing to do with publishing, that grotesque hell machine
3) live very, very far away
4) have expertise in something most writers or editors know anything about, like building an extreme treehouse or aquatic ecosystems
5) approach slowly, without talking about books or writers or publishing or anything to do with any of this shit ever.
6) congratulations, you've scored!

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