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Then the world would have one less whore. Sweet dreams.

what if i actually did. What if you came back to check my ask 10 minutes later and you saw this was the last question i answered. You kept refreshing and still this was the last question i answered. You check ig and you see that i havent posted anything in an hour, then it becomes a day,then a week. A month… theres no posts from me. Because im gone. Because maybe you telling me to kill myself was the thing that pushed me overboard. After getting "die" "drink bleach" and "kill yourself" constantly in my ask trying not to let it get to me, i finally let it get to me with your comment. So because of you im dead. Because of you a girl has killed herself and shes never coming back. How would you feel knowing that because of YOU. Someones life is over. What your doing could put you in prison if i actually killed myself. All it took was 5 seconds of your life to send it… and it took the rest of my life away from me. Would you be proud of yourself if i died because of you? Does it give you joy and excitement sending hate to people? would it make you happy to know you killed someone? If you say yes to any of these questions your a messed up person. I want you to THINK before you type anything like that again. THINK of what your words might cause someone to think or do. Think.

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Yeah & you dated nick farmer last week right ? & then talked to alex, hunn it want last long .. You don't even know bitch

Haha me and nick broke up over a month ago. And me and alex never talked and "i dont know"? Pretty sure you are trying to tell me stuff about myself that isnt even true so maybe you should check yourself before you "think" you know soemthing about someone

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