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How do i keep you in my life forever? Since nothing lasts forever, what you suggest is not possible.

Suicide pact (JUST KIDDING) if you’re thinking of suicide, I assure you I am a safe space and life looks really deep sometimes but we learn to swim. Gotta keep swimming. It’s not all for nothing. It’s okay to be even cynical sometimes, but remember it will get better.

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Why are you afraid to commit?

I’m not. I just won’t commit to something until I feel is genuinely serious. I still plan on never getting married; waiting for someone to change my mind.

Can I get a staff of funny actors & actresses into my office like right now? We need to speak about which movies deserve sequels or remade better

I’d like to be apart of it. We should do it on discord. Only thing though is I’m busy throughout the day ):

How would you feel if I died? Frfr?

My world would be ducking crushed!!! For real for real. Too many people be doing that and I can’t take losing anyone else. Especially you.

Do you ever lay down on the floor in the dark without a shirt and a half finished cigarette in your fingertips with a empty bottle of whisky by your side while listening to Pink Floyd’s “Dogs” repeatedly after hours and hold back tears?

I could see myself doing that yes

you a dirty heroin hoe and got the nerve to talk shit ..you know who you A.M. lol damn I heard you rob your friends and shit...???

Lol shit with Logan is in the fan but let him continue telling yourselves that he’s fine and dandy. I’m no thief either. Also since this stupid butter nut squash started hitting the ceiling I have to work myself to the point of passing out; just so I can pass out.


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