Ask @Miranda_CBD:

Do you love the World you live in?

Can I be honest, not really!
We could have done so much better, instead people are constantly committing suicide cause of sadness and bullies.
People think cheating and destroying peoples lives is ok
People would rather donate to someone who want's to buy a phone or fast food than to someone who needs medical attention!
We should have done way better.

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What do you miss?

I miss the family and friends I have lost in the past years, I feel like they all left so young and to soon. I wanted my grandparents to see me have a kid and get married, and it bothers me that they only made it to 60 because they didn't get to see me grow up and they where my best friends.
I have lost a lot of friends to suicide and drugs too, and its hard to lose them.

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Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach?

Both sound so beautiful, but honestly if I had to choose I think I would say mountains. The reason being is that way I have lot's of fire wood around and there is peace and quiet and a place to escape. Also that way when anything happens im far the heck away from it and have a place to escape with no worries

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How will u feel to talk to a person, you don't even know the name ?

Talking to someone I don't even know the name of? That happens a lot on here, even on intstagram and in real life.
Most of the time while gaming I don't even know someones name till we connect enough and I ask them, even some of my best friends on my games I know them by gamer tags instead of real life names.

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What you doing rn?

Working: I work an online job that's soon to be a billion dollar industry and I am in the process of recruiting people for the new year, as its a growing business. That being said if anyone is interested preferably 18+ or knows anyone who is and want's to possibly earn well over $400 a week within 8 months then they can contact me on my facebook. My one friend who joined is earning $700 a week right now.

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