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I miss you, Bahawal 😔

aw, i miss you too

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Where are you from?

Karachii, sindh.

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Thoughts on ali shah

Jaan hai apnii

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do you add randoms on sc?


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Who is naushiii?


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With whom were u hour ago?


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Suna Jani kesa ha☺️.Bhool hi gaya ha tou yar hame.

Arham Warraich

Ye bate tu mere sath inbox mein bhi kar sakte thaa 😭
Naii bhoola meri jaan apko

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One word - Cute



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B mine 4ever

Neverrrr ! 😂

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I want t HV se x on u

Anon i said stapp itt!

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I lave yoi 😍

Anon stapppitt!

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Thots on any girl frm 11c?

Thots? Oh ki honda?

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Best feature - to be selective, eyelashes and jawline 🙊 Wesay thau EVERYTHING 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️☹👌🏼😕🙊

Ily2 😏😏

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Tbh: You've got a dope display. Keep chilling!

Thanks 😌

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Are you single?

Suna naii tume??
Mein char bacho ka baap hu. 😌

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Lone ask pe hai?

Haan lone ask, insta and fb sab pe haii.

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