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Post some poetry 📋

Sagittarius28’s Profile Photoف ر ا ز ع ا م ر
دل ہی تو ہے نہ سنگ وخِشت درد سے بھر نہ آئے کیوں
روئیں گے ہم ہزار بار کوئی ہمیں ستاۓ کیوں
دیر نہیں ، حرم نہیں ، در نہیں ، آستاں نہیں
بیٹھے ہیں رہ گزر پہ ہم غیر ہمیں اُٹھائے کیوں

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Memories make us week... What is your opinion?

Shahroze_Shah’s Profile PhotoShahroze Shabbir
Nothing makes a person weak. It's all about how you tackle different outcomes. Try to accept the situation as it is. If you have holes and cracks in your will power or determination, you are free to blame anything. Otherwise I think it doesn't matter if the memories are bitter or sweet, you will always get motivation to do things in a better and healthier way. It's totally on you how you shape your ideas and beliefs.

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Hi mirha! What's the most unexpected thing happened to you till today?

My Brother's behaving was kinda different these days. Like buying me food and even giving me his own food. Respecting me and acting all obedient. And when I told him you need a hair cut, he immediately went out and got a hair cut of my choice. And yesterday he told me ab 2 saal baad mujhy mama ko usky liye aik baat pr raazi krna ho ga😂😂

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